What To Expect From iPhone 5?

These days everywhere you see either there is a news regarding the next iPhone which presumably will be called the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is Apple Vs Samsung all over again. Sir Jonathan Ive, the man responsible for designing these beautiful Apple products recently said that some of the work he is doing currently at Apple is probably the best he has ever done and Tim Cooks seemed to back that statement during his interview with All Things Digital. So what exactly is all this work? What can we expect from the next iPhone that seemingly will change it all again?

For a start we may finally see a bigger display. Most of the rumors point towards a 3.95 inch display or at least a 4 inch display. The display is expected to still remain the Retina display but with a higher resolution. There is also a possibility that the aspect ratio of the new iPhone display would be 16:9. We might also finally see LTE on iPhone right out of the box which would be great news. The new iPhone would also be running the iOS 6 which is expected to be announced at the WWDC on June 11th and incorporate widgets in some sort. Finally we may be over the plain box type screen on our iPhones. Siri is expected to do a lot more than just set up alarms and reminders. We may also be seeing the end of Apple’s 30 pin dock connector and being replaced by something in between the Micro and Mini USB.

However, the thing that interests us the most is that the new iPhone is going to be a completely redesigned device. This would be probably one of the last products that would have Steve Job’s design ideas so that makes it even more exciting. The phone is expected to be made out of Liquid Metal which is probably the reason why Apple recently invested a lot into Metal cutting. It seems like the Glass back panels would be replaced by the Aluminium ones which I personally would love for the sake of durability of the device. There could be some extra bump given to the camera making it even better which I am not too sure is possible. However, one thing I would really want is a better battery backup since lets face it iPhone battery life is pretty poor.

So far we have seen all the parts that have leaked from alleged iPhone 5, but what better way to round up all the rumors in one than the expert himself, so take out 3 minutes, and you would definitely know everything we may see from the iPhone.

What would you like to see from the new iPhone? We are always interested in knowing your views, do share them in the section below.


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