What Will Happen If You Install Flash On Your iPad

If you are a regular reader of Engadget, a blog about gadget and technology, then you might know about procedure to install Flash on the iPad. Obviously you need to jailbreak it first. Here is the step by step process of installing Flash 10.1 on the iPad. Don’t ignore the warning given below the post.

Alex Wilhelm of the TheNextWeb did some experiment with his iPad and wrote about his experience of playing videos, games and annoying ads he got after installing Flash.


If you are looking for the video in iPad then you’ll be disappointed. iPad still can’t handle flash videos. According to the experiment if Alex, only 20% flash games were successfully loaded. Other 80% fail to load or unplayable through the touch interface.

After installing Flash you’ll get a surprise gift. Gift of Flash ads. Definitely annoying for those who are using ipad for a long time. Unlike PC you can’t use any flash block extensions in iPad to block ads.

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