What Will I Do With Unlimited 3G Data Plan

No doubt we live in a world where smartphones are our heartbeats. And surviving without our heartbeat is totally out of question. One feature of the smartphones that really makes them so difficult to put down is having Data connection on the go. Five years ago none of us would have envisaged that we would have internet on our smartphones and would be able to run all the goodness of world wide web over our handy devices. Then came 2G and we were overjoyed by having any form of data connection, even though however small. It opened doors to brand new ways of communication, like using Instant messengers on the go, cross platform messenger such as whatsapp and benefited us immensely. However, the real winner came when 3G came about. Having immensely fast download speeds on your devices is definitely the sort of stuff us bloggers dream about. However, it was not possible until Aircel launched its latest amazing plans that i thought about getting 3G for my device because it was just so cost effective. So far all the 3G plans I have used have had some sort of capping, but with Aircel I have an amazing chance of getting on the go 3G for unlimited data usage. What would I do with all of that? Let’s find out.

First and foremost having unlimited 3G on my device would bring the biggest smile ever possible to me. For me data connection is like backbone of my device. I would without a doubt then not shy away from downloading any number of applications from the Play store since i use an Android smartphone. So far due to all the data restrictions, i download only via WiFi. I would also reconfigure all my Email accounts on the device for retrieving emails instantaneously instead of manual refresh that i have right now to prevent data loss. Another big help would be able to stream music from various radio stations continuously since i am a massive music lover, but can only stream music and videos while on WiFi. I would most definitely surf the internet even more and then be able to use services like Skype to stay online always and never miss out on an important discussion with my friends and family which so far again was possible only through home’s wifi network. However, the biggest help having unlimited 3G plan would be able to navigate even easily as then i would be able to use the Google Maps App far more quicker than i can on my old 2G plan and exactly know the best restaurant i want to be at to satisfy my taste buds. I would definitely play a lot of games online and read just about every feed online given an unlimited data connection. Not just on my smartphone, but given brilliant feature that i could use the Aircel 3G connection to my PC and tablets,  I would definitely make most of that opportunity and have one single connection at home and save on a lot of expenditure i am doing on having individual connections.

So that is exactly what i would do given unlimited 3G on my device, opening a door to newer possibilities, ones that so far that are either restricted to WiFi or just not possible so far. What would you do if you were given unlimited 3G? Do let us know in the section below.

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