What Would The Next Nexus Device Be?

iPhone 5 has been the single most phone making all the noises these days. Every news in technology these days seems to start with iPhone and end that way. However, what a lot of people do seem to be forgetting is that we as we are coming closer to the holiday season, so is the next Nexus device. For those who are unaware of the excitement behind the Nexus phones, well they are the true Android Vanilla experience just as Google wants us to have. They may have different OEM’s but they are widely regarded as the real Google phones. I have had the pleasure of owning all the 4 Nexus devices, that is Nexus One, S, Galaxy Nexus and 7, and I must say they really stand out in terms of functionality of Android.

Everything may not be vertically integrated, but a nexus device is as close to a closed Google environment as you may hope to come when Andorid is concerned. These devices are the first to get all the latest updates, and I slyly smile at all the Android users around me as I rock the latest Jelly Bean while they are stuck on previous versions. So what exactly can we expect to come as we head closer to maybe another Nexus device.

Rumor has it that there may be more than one Nexus device this year.In fact,it has been doing rounds that we may have up to 5 Nexus devices launched this year to earmark the five years of Android. So, HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung and Asus may all come out with their versions of Nexus phone. The phone is most definitely going to rock a quad core processor. We have seen these processors in phones like HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII, but despite that a Galaxy Nexus(dual core) with Jelly Bean works fantastically. So just imagine how good would a Nexus device be with 4 cores. We expect next Nexus device to rock a much better battery too. So far the battery on Nexus phones has not really been up to the scratch. There is a solid possibility that the next Nexus would also have better sharing options utilizing the Nexus Beam a lot more. The screen size would be best kept as it is to about 4.7 inches or maybe lesser. We do hope that the new range of Nexus devices would also have micro SD expansion capabilities. So far this has been a major draw back.

However, what I have not mentioned and I doubt would happen, is another OS on the new Nexus device. Jelly Bean is relatively new and I do not think that the next range of Nexu sphones would get an immediate software bump.It would then make absolutely no sense as all the other Android world would be left behind once again. And JellyBean so far does not really lack anything which requires major improvement. So we may well have to wait a bit to see the next major OS release from Android.

What do you expect from the Next Nexus? Do let us know in the section below.

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