What’s new in the new iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S)

The next version of iPhone is knocking on the doors. Apple will be having its next conference on October 4 and within a week or two the latest version of iphone will be out in the market so let us take a look into what this version will offer us.

First and foremost the new iPhone will definitely have Apple’s new A5 processor which is currently being shipped with iPad 2. The phone will also feature a 1GB of RAM to match up the processor. The camera on the phone is also going to be updated to 8MP with iPhone’s backlit sensor for taking excellent pictures in low light conditions. These all features can be found on other phones but the one feature which will differentiate iPhone from other phone will be its “Assistant” feature.


Assistant is basically a voice recognition app and an upgraded version or evolved version of ios voice control function which was introduced in iphone 3gs. To activate Assistant feature you will have to hold down the home button for a few seconds and it will be much quicker than the voice recognition because of the upgraded processor and RAM.

The best part about assistant is that you can numerous voice commands and assistant will follow it just like your own personal assistant. You can set appointment, remainders, ask it to guide you to a location and even send messages. This is super handy for people who don’t have time to type a text. You can also check if the sent text was according to your commands or not, if not Assistant will type it again for you.

Assistant opens endless possibilities and only you can think what you can do with your new iPhone. Send mails, send text messages, schedule tasks…anything you like.

Apple will definitely attract a lot of people with this function and this could well define the sales of the new iPhone.

Will you buy the new iPhone? What would you do with your own assistant?

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