Whatsapp CEO Promises they would not Compromise on Security of it’s Users

There has been a lot said and written about Whatsapp since it was taken over by Facebook almost a month ago now. The speculations about the future of the IM services as well as how privacy of Whatsapp would be affected have been dominating the news sections. In fact, given Facebook is not known to be the cleanest player when it comes to privacy, it looks like most experts are willing to trickle the same down to Whatsapp. There was a recent report which suggested with a couple of simple steps, it is easy to decipher the Whatsapp chat messages of anybody that were saved on the memory of the device.


However, Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum has come out with a rather strong statement in an attempt to set the record straight and assure it’s users that their privacy would not be compromised. He took to his blog to make the following statement:

Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible: You don’t have to give us your name and we don’t ask for your email address. We don’t know your birthday. We don’t know your home address. We don’t know where you work. We don’t know your likes, what you search for on the internet or collect your GPS location. None of that data has ever been collected and stored by WhatsApp, and we really have no plans to change that.

If partnering with Facebook meant that we had to change our values, we wouldn’t have done it. Instead, we are forming a partnership that would allow us to continue operating independently and autonomously. Our fundamental values and beliefs will not change. Our principles will not change. Everything that has made WhatsApp the leader in personal messaging will still be in place. Speculation to the contrary isn’t just baseless and unfounded, it’s irresponsible. It has the effect of scaring people into thinking we’re suddenly collecting all kinds of new data. That’s just not true, and it’s important to us that you know that.

Although, the statement does not go into details of what and how, but you still feel that at least Whatsapp remains connected to its users and would address any of the concerns that they might have, at least in the shorter term.

Via: Whatsapp Blog

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