Whatsapp for Desktop coming soon?

There is very little to debate in terms of what is the most popular IM service in the world. Whatsapp despite its zero marketing strategy and largely free to use service, has won every battle that has been thrown at it in the IM world, be it from the likes of Hike, Line, Hangouts or Skype. Despite supporting practically every single major mobile OS version, Whatsapp has never begrudged and moved from mobile devices to either the tablet or a PC world. To install WhatsApp on PC and run the service, so far you needed to install an emulator and then install the apk. The process was somewhat complicated on tablets too and with services such as Telegram going completely cross-device, the challenge for WhatsApp has been big.


But it looks like the prayers would be answered soon and we would have Whatsapp running on your PC and browser. The news was broken by an unlikely source, which is the co-founder of rival messaging app Telegram, Pavel Durov. Pavel revealed to techcrunch that Whatsapp could well be on the way to be building a web based IM service of Whatsapp just like web.telegram.org to cater to the audience that is not on smartphones yet.

The news is obviously not official nor has been picked up by any other source. The only explanation that Durov had for the comment was that Whatsapp tried to hire his web developer who had worked on developing the web version of the service.

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