Whatsapp hits a new high: Over 250 Million Active Users

Whatsapp has become the preferred mode of communication between people today. Today, people do not ask your numbers so that they can call you or text you. They do it so they can whatsapp you. The reason for the success of Whatsapp has been pretty simple.

Whatsapp image

To try and list them:

  • It is largely free with a fixed payment for an year.
  • Very reliable servers and hardly any down time.
  • Not just text messages but media can be exchanged too.
  • Pretty much instant delivery time unless your network goes bonkers.
  • Great cross platform integration.
  • Neat and easy User Interface.
  • Group communication is supported.
  • Ability to find if the message has been sent and delivered.

All these and more result in an app that is perhaps used by just about every smart phone user. And it comes as no surprise that Whatsapp now has hit a new record with more than 250 Million active users. This is an absolute staggering number. It is also worth noting that Whatsapp started back in 2009 and since then has spent absolutely nothing on marketing and has vowed to stay ad free for everybody. Such unprecedented success for the app shows that even in today’s market the value of a good product is massive and people reward you with their trust and even activation fees in the case of Whatsapp.

Via: Digital Trends

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