WhatSIM is a SIM card that lets you Access and Send Whatsapp Messages Anywhere in the World

Whatsapp has become the standard communication platform today among just about everybody. With the growing penetration of smartphones, it is little surprise that just about everyone is on Whatsapp and the number of text messages being sent have declined rapidly. In fact, other than brief client interactions, I barely remember when was the last time I sent a text message to anybody to have a conversation.


No wonder, when we go out or visit a station beyond our home, the only connectivity we long for is our Whatsapp account. It is fine if Twitter fails for a while and things are at a standstill, we are even okay with Facebook not working, but no WhatsApp means no communication and that can be a bit painful.

Solving this issue is a smart SIM card called WhatSIM which basically allows you to use the SIM to send unlimited Whatsapp messages. You will have to pay Euros 10 and additional Euros 5 for the shipment of the SIM which comes to roughly around Rs 1,070 to get the SIM. You will need to further recharge credit on your SIM to be able to send across Voice Messages, Images and Contacts/ Locations. The recharge window for the same will begin only towards end of February.

Explaining the concept, the inventor, Manuel Zanella, issued a statement saying, “Anywhere in the world it connects to the provider with the best coverage and signal right where you are. If you change your position, it automatically searches for a new provider. If a better one is available, it connects by itself without you even noticing it.”

The SIM card will work in over 150 countries with more than 400 networks connecting to it.

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