When to Post and When not to Post on Social Media Platforms

How well your post does on Social Media as a brand totally depends upon the time you post it along with the content that the post was carrying. You might have an amazing content lined up but if you post it at a time when nobody bothers to read it, it is bound to be a failure, similarly, a bad content even if posted at the perfect time will fail miserably, a balance needs to be struck, so what is the right time to post content given the plethora of Social Networks that are available?

When not to post on SM

We have picked out a couple of very interesting infographics that not only tell what is the time not to post on various Social Media channels but also tell you the optimum time of doing it. For example, posting anything on twitter post midnight will only be noticed by those who are suffering from insomnia and take to the platform to announce to the world that they are watching while the whole world sleeps like a baby. Similarly on LinkedIn it is pointless to post between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening given the target audience is usually at work and not sitting and browsing the web, in most cases. Here is the detailed timing for more such Social Networks for your reference.

When to post on SM


We hope that the graphics above will help you and your business to leverage Social Media effectively and efficiently.


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