Top 5 Reasons Behind Failure of Nokia Symbian OS

We still love our Nokia devices. In fact I would still say that Nokia makes the best hardware out of the lot out there and probably only HTC can match their prowess in terms of hardware, so it’s the software that really lacks. So what exactly are the short comings of the Nokia run Symbian devices, here is our pick.


1) Outdated Interface: Interface usually leaves the first mark on the users mind. And frankly speaking this is the one field Nokia or Symbian have not moved at all. The interface is rather boring, laggy and simply said very out dated. The N97 interface is exactly the same as that of the flagship devices like the N8 or E7 which is rather a put off. There out to be some advances which even if made are very minor. There is a lot depending on the Anne and Belle updates, so it’s all about wait and watch.

2) Lack Of Applications: Apps have become the lifeline of a smart phone. Today it’s impossible to imagine a phone which does not have 5ood games and apps that can just about do anything. The OVI store is good but really ancient. Most of the applications are slow, laggy and have a horrible interface. And with Symbian probably off the market now, it is difficult to see more developers wanting to develop for Symbian when better options like iOS and Android are around.

3) Perpetual Hanging: It is a fact that we have become addicted to the smooth interface of the iOS or Android and a delay or hang of any sort is a major turn off. With Symbian you can guarantee hangs and late responses. In fact it took me once about 2 minutes literally to launch a simple notes application which should be happening instantly. The touch is not as sensitive as the android or iOS, yes it has been greatly improved since the launch of E7 and N8 but it still is not up to the mark.

4) Outdated Browser : Surfing the web on the go is the way we like to operate our phones these days and the default browser on Symbian is slow to put it mildly. Checkerboard pattern are common to see while fast scrolling the webpages. This can be solved greatly by downloading a third party app like opera, but the internet surfing does leave a lot to be desired on Symbian.

5) Symbian is outdated: Plain and simply put Symbian feels like windows XP in front of awesome mac or brilliant vista. Yes it can work but it’s not a speed merchant and terribly outdated. One example is the lack of portrait QWERTY in n8, I mean it’s such a basic feature that not having it is a glaring miss. Another one is the lack of proper implementation of widgets, there is very handful widgets and poorly implemented. All in all, outdated!

It’s not all dooms for Nokia though, they still make the best hardware, awesome camera and great battery life which will have its followers, but for how long? It would soon come to the fact that even the most diehard fans would be forced to go looking for better things unless windows phone 7 support is a bigger success than what it currently is. However, buying a high end Nokia smartphone right now, definitely is not a very good step.

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  1. The article is rubish and misguiding
    Symbian was never a failure. Nokia ruled the smartphone market for ten years with their symbian devices. Symbian was designed to work with low resource hardware. Recent boom in hardware capacities and Low power SOC, GHz processors, mobile chips running x86 instructions required a different OS and Meego was answer. Nokia died when the abandoned Meego.

  2. i think these reasons have something to do with their failure.. as a customer i want not only quality hardware but also software that case nokia is a failure in many models…besides their windows phones have certain limittations .. its not user friendly…many of the applications are not working in their mobiles.. thats why i sold my lumia and bought sony xperia arc.

  3. I Got Nokia 603 Symbian belle, and Samsung ace plus 7500s (upgradable to jelly bean 4.1) was a choice but i’m a nokia big fan and wanted to get that phone and didn’t care of all people advice to get an android but now, i kinda regret this phone it’s smooth and great user interface but apps is a problem so simply after my experience to both android (jelly bean) and nokia belle fp2, here is the conclusion:
    first: all android versions aren’t as good as Symbian belle but starting from android version 4.0 we can compare,, u should consider that:
    -buying a Symbian means no more major updates after the (feature pack 2).
    -buying a Symbian means great software potential but not as many apps as u can get on android smart phone (running ics or higher) cause alot of good games and apps don’t run on ginerbread phone such as wildfire s and others even though they’re androids.

    it’s up to u, if u got symbian vs less than 4.0 android phone i recommend the symbian device ……

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