Where’s My Water? An Addictive New Game For iPhone

Do you like puzzle games? Well we here at Blogtechnika are reviewing a new game launched by mobiles.


The Walt Disney Company is best known for Mickey Mouse, but it’s not the friendly little mammal with the big ears that is making a splash in the mobile marketplace this time. It’s a brand new character named Swampy the Alligator who in the game wants to take a bath and we are just going to do that.

“Where’s My Water?” is the name of the new Disney app, which is currently the number one paid application in the iTunes Store, leaving behind mobile’s favourite Angry Birds to the second position. The game revolves around Swampy’s quest to be clean. With around 80 levels and progressive storyline, the task is to dig through dirt and get water to the alligator. There are different pipelines which supply water as well as toxic material so its your task to take the water to the alligator J Not surprising at all, Disney also created an original soundtrack for the game.

The app is only 99 cents if your phone is not jailbroken and you are willing to pay. If you’re jailbroken you’re in luck J you may download this game from installous.


While the new Disney star has captured the games market, we are curious about when we might see Swampy hit the theatres because we have already seen angry birds strive their way to the first position in the app store and on other platforms as well and now it’s being turned into a movie. Moreover, I wonder if this could be the future of new Disney characters, take a look at the pictures to get an idea of what the game looks like but as you say never judge a book by its cover i recommend you to play the game once and then decide if you like it or not. The other question that arises is that Will swampy takeover the enthusiasm that Mickey generated amidst the masses? No clues to that, but it’s certainly its interesting to watch a 90-year-old company continue to experiment and innovate even though being fully settled.
i rate this game a 4 on 5.

Try it out on your own and do let us know what you think of the game.

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