Which Apps Drain The Battery Fastest on Your Smart Phone?

Smart phones have come a long way in the past few years but one notable fall has been in the battery back up of these devices. Gone are the days when you had your phones easily lasting you a couple of days after a charge cycle. This is partly down to the fact that smart phones today can do so much more and due to new applications and games, we are using them a lot more than we used to. Also, the battery technology has not really kept pace with the increasing power of phones. So in such a circumstance it becomesĀ imperative that we know which applications drain the battery out most from your phones.


Verizon Wireless, a leading Mobile Service Provider in US has published a list of applications both for Android and iOS that are the most battery hogging ones. This list is pretty interesting and the popular game Angry Birds seem to be the one featuring the most. Also notably present are Beautiful Widgets which is one of the most famous Widgets used on Android. Verizon have graded these apps for both tablets and mobiles, and other popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Asphalt and Doodle jump all ranking very highly. Also surprisingly apps such as Facebook Messenger are said to be potentially bad for the battery of your smart phone, much more than streaming apps like Pandora.

We find such lists to be really useful and you can check out the entire set here of the 13 apps that may not be best if you want your phone to last very long in terms of the battery back up.

Via: Gigaom

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