Which Human Body Parts can unlock the Touch ID on iPhone 5s?

The Touch ID or the biometric sensor on the iPhone 5s is one of the major attraction of the new iPhone. Alongside the new Camera sensor, dual LED flash and the 64 bit architecture, the Touch ID has left a lot of mouths gaping for thin air. No wonder the iPhone 5s is one of the most talked about devices on the planet currently.

iPhone 5s unlock

However, have you ever wondered that apart from your figures, there could be other parts of your body that can unlock the iPhone 5s too? It is an interesting question given that we all love to experiment out with things and come up with solutions that are totally going to blow the mind of people. Mashable have done something very interesting and put the iPhone 5s through a series of tests trying to find out the body parts which respond to the touch ID and to our surprise, there are more than one body parts that do.

Just to give you a hint, would you like to use your forearm to unlock your iPhone? Here is the entire video for you:

Via: Mashable

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