Why Do Youtube Videos At Times Get Stuck On 301 views?

Youtube after Google is probably the most viewed website on the plaet. yet if you have been watching Youtube for a long time, you might well be aware of the fact that occasionally you watch a video and despite its popularity is stuck to just 301 views. this has happened quite a lot and it stays so for a day or two before the numbers start jumping up. So is this a problem with the site or just some issue with the bot? Well it’s neither, the perfect explanation is offered by Adriana Lee of technobuffalo:

“Sure, that YouTube caches each vid in multiple place (to diminish load times) is partly to blame. The company needs a little time to gather all the metrics from all those servers (across all the videos that reach this threshold), count them up and ensure the integrity of the numbers.

So the fact the view count pauses at 301 (or so) for a day before going on to epicness isn’t so much a mystery as a fairly mundane confirmation protocol, one that can even repeat if the numbers really get hyper-crazed. Mystery solved.”

However, if you wish to get into all the details and what happens then this is a video that would help you understand:

We hope that this has solved a major mystery that you might have had about Youtube. If you have comments about having seen such an error and if you have more explanations regarding it please let us know.

Via: Technobuffalo, NumberPhile

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