Why Is Mobile Security So Important? (An Infographic)

Just as the popularity of smart phones is increasing, also increasing the number of people who are ready to misuse or use it as a potential harm to some one owning it. It is possible that somebody flicks your phone away or picks it away from you and ends up using all the information stored there against you. A typical example could be using the details of your credit cards and other things as stored in the Application store of the device. There are also various bank applications where a user may enter his account number or password or such classified and potentially secretive information. Hence, not only phones bring us a lot of comfort and ease our way of accessing things but also become a potential double edged sword if we misplace them. It is therefore absolutely a necessary to have a decent mobile security software running on your device. It may just about be the difference between you losing your phone with hundreds of more dollars or just about going through the pain of losing a device. Here is an interesting infographic that tells you everything as to why Mobile Security is so essential.

Via: Mashable

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