Why Responsive Webdesign in Important?

At Blogtechnika, as much as we love Technology and our gadgets, a good design is always something that appeals to our eyes. This is a reason why we are already working on some really interesting things on the backend of the website. Now, that I have already given away some spoilers, let’s get back to the point of this post.

Plenty of websites today are getting redesigned from bottoms up to have a responsive design. First of all, what exactly is a responsive design? A site with a responsive design can adapt to any resolution on which it is being seen on. For example, if a site is responsive, it would behave differently on a computer screen and on a mobile screen. It would also realign the objects as the size of the website is changed on the monitor too. But, why is a responsive site important? There is more reasons for that than one, so here are the reasons, all put together in an interesting Infographic:

Why Responsive Design is Important: 10 Key Statistics

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Via: Visual. ly

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  1. Responsive webdesigns are more in demand today. Owing to its flexibility and make the website appearance adjust as per the screen resolution, responsive webdesigns have gained importance. Since the advent of mobile internet people prefer surfing on their mobile gadgets or tablets giving easy access to information in less time. Aligning webdesigns for easy navigation on mobile handsets has become essential. Responsive websites are now a demand of almost each website owner.

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