Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy A Nexus Device

Android is served in plenty of shapes, sizes and flavors. And this is probably the one selling point it has above the iPhone in my view. There is basically a device for every hand customized just the way you want it. However, somewhere down the line due to these varieties  the real Android or the vanilla Android has been lost. We don’t really know how exactly was Android supposed to be. And this is when steps in a Nexus device. Think of a Nexus device as a device right from the labs of Google which is the reference point for other Android devices to be made from. It is that one single egg from where the hens of new versions of Android would come out. A Nexus device is any geeks most preferred device. I have owned the Nexus S, the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7 and I must say I love them all equally. So, it got me thinking, why a Nexus device, why not a high end device from say Samsung or LG or Motorola who are basically the OEM’s for these Nexus devices. These are the points I could come up with as the reasons why anybody should at least own one Nexus device.

1) Vanilla Android

I absolutely love the skin free look on my Nexus. There is no laggy Touch wiz or battery consuming HTC Sense on a Nexus device. It is Android served naked, in its most bare forms. And trust me, this is the way you will love Android the most.

2) Ease of Rooting and Other Modifications

Ability to customize your device is one of the greatest joys of owning an Android. And customization is not limited to changing launchers or widgets, but actually rooting the device and playing with the ROM or kernel of the device etc. Nexus devices are always easiest to root and easiest to flash files on. A huge advantage over something like an HTC device where just unlocking the bootloader is a massive task.

3) Community Support

If you buy a Nexus device, you are guaranteed a lot of support form the Android community. There would be plenty of help available in case you want to change something about your device or flash something. Of my One X and Galaxy Nexus, I always found that help available and ease of solving the problems is always in the favor of Nexus device.

4) Availability Of Latest Updates:

This is probably the single biggest reason I love Nexus devices. They always get the latest and greatest updates from Google the moment these updates are out. They are not delayed fro months on end like on other Android devices. So if you want to stay ahead in the race of having the latest from Google, go Nexus.

5) Price

Nexus devices are always well priced, in fact they are some of the most affordable Android devices with all the latest hardware possible. Yes, the camera is one constant complain and may not be up to the very highest order, but that’s not a deal breaker, and they work brilliantly for the sub $ 400 range that they are sold for unlocked.

So these were my five reasons of owning a Nexus device or rather devices in my case. Do you agree? Would you like to own a Nexus device? Let us know in the section below.

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