Why Should You Have A Backup Of All Your Data?

We often play around with our smart phones and computers. Be is small tweaking, theme-ing or even something major like say changing the ROM or switching the kernels etc. A Nerd’s life is always lived on the edge in the sense that his device is just one step away from being bricked and losing hundreds of dollars he spent acquiring it. But what is worse is the fact that he may also end up losing his entire data which in my eyes is way more precious than any device could ever be. So there is a terrible need to keep all your data backed up. And if you don’t believe my word, here is an amazing video that would make you realize the need to back up all your data.

So I guess watching that all of you would jump to back up all your data be it on smart phones or the computers. Do you back up your data? Do let us know.

Via: Technobuffalo

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