Why Should you not Hammer the Battery of your Smartphone?

We have seen several videos uploaded on Youtube where the host hammers the bejesus out of the smartphone to test the toughness of the device. Although this is never indicative of the real life scenario, as nobody goes on to hammer their devices, but it does give a window into the world of how the device would stand up against the brutal forces of nature. When TechRax recently uploaded the following video on Youtube which was a knife and hammer test of the newly announced Galaxy S5, little did anyone know about the most significant part of the video will not be how well the device stood up against the brutal forces. You must check out the video first:

Now, if you are done seeing that S5, like any other device succumbed to the hammer shots, rewind and watch the end of the video. You could see when the user hit the battery with hammer straight up, the battery kind of inflated and started emitting a gas out. The reason for this is that Lithium ion cells which are used inside the battery of smartphones are not safest when under extreme pressure. These batteries are sealed under high pressure, and when hit, this creates a crevice or dent in the device which emits the electrolyte. This is certainly dangerous for your health and in case you happen to inhale this, it could be hazardous. So, in case you plan to do a hammer test on your device, make sure you do not hit the battery with hammer hard.

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