Why Windows Phone 7.5 Is Still A Work In Progress?

I have been playing around with a Windows phone 7.5 running Nokia Lumia 800 for a while now and the time I have spent with the device is really good one. I have been really impressed with the Lumia hardware but that is what you have come to expect from Nokia. Side by side with my HTC One X, a device I cannot recommend enough, the Lumia manages to stand up on its own. The two are designed very similarly and the touch responsiveness etc are pretty much similar. However, where the experience takes a complete bump is in the OS that these two devices are running. While my One is running the latest Jelly Bean from Android, the Lumia is stuttering with the Windows 7.5 Mango version. This in my opinion makes my time with Lumia a little off as compared to the One X. Primarily because Windows Phone 7.5 has a long long way to go, these are the specific reasons why I would say you all must give Microsoft some more time before ruling the WP 7.5 a complete failure, cause it’s very much a project in the making.

1) Lack of Customizations: Plenty of times I caught myself saying, that there is very little you can do to your device. Rather there is very little to play with. I would like the OS to be a little more friendly, maybe incorporate more live tiles too.

2) Lack Of Persistence Battery Icon: The battery icons on the WP 7.5 seem to hide away in the status bar and are not visible unless you tap on it. This is a mild annoyance. For heavy users they may end up losing the track of the battery. There should be an option to make the battery bar permanent.

3) Optimize The Apps Better: Various apps on WP 7.5 do not seem to run well. One example is I found myself struggling with Whatsapp. The push notification system is poor, and there are plenty of freezes in apps which should not happen. Does not make for a great experience.

4) Poor Handling Of Notifications: The notification system on the WP 7.5 is abysmal. You really have no clue when you have notifications and you may end up missing important mails as there are no banners, just a normal alert to respond to. Now in case your phone is on silent you have no clue what mails or messages you have received in the background. A big overhaul of notifications is needed.

5) Poor Camera Interface: Since WP 7.5 will be shipping with loads on Nokia handsets and Nokia is known for fabulous Cameras, the cheap camera app does not quite do the justice of what Nokia can supply to us. The app is really basic and at times struggles to even focus properly. A must fix ASAP.

6) Apart from the glaring points such as above, the experience on the Windows 7.5 so far has been brilliant, it is butter smooth and really does the job it is asked to.

What are your opinions on WP 7.5 and 8? Do let us know. Stick by for loads more coverage on Windows Phone 7.5 here.

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