WI-FI KILL : Remove Devices From Your Wifi Network

Are you one of those people who are absolutely frustrated with people using your Wi-Fi bandwidth which slows down  your Internet and frustrates you as you try and stream a football match or a movie? Well, if that is the case and you have a rooted Android smart phone we have a solution for you.

People all over are extremely notorious for stealing away open networks. As a result of this, the Internet speed on our end is really slow. However, one solution of this problem is to have administration right to the router and manually disconnect every user apart from you, but this is a rather time consuming and a slow process. So to help you regain all your bandwidth and make Internet browsing faster, here is the application called wi-fi kill which helps you to remove the not required users who are simply using your free network.

It surprisingly is a very simple and an easy application to you, however the only downside of this is that it is available to usage only if your Android smart phone is rooted and has Super User Access. The best thing though is that it is extremely easy to use the application as the UI is really simple and effective. The application does exactly what the name says and can be used even by someone not too skilled. However, if you do not know what rooting Android device is and how that works, you are really adviced to check out some of these tutorials on how to go about that on www.xda-developers.com based on your smart phone model number.It is worth noting that when you start the application, you must allow the super user access, it is perfectly safe and very harmless.
The application is available for free and can be downloaded directly from the market place. This is the URL: Android Market

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