Wikipedia Companion is a Hassle Free Option to Access Wikipedia

Wikipedia, being one of the most visited websites on the internet with over 19 million articles in over 250 languages has to be something that is available instantly. For those who use Wikipedia frequently, the Wikipedia companion extension for Google Chrome can come as a blessing in disguise.


Once installed, you’ll get a small icon on the extension bar of your Chrome browser. When you click on it, a Wikipedia search appears as a pop-up. You can enter your search term in the search bar present on top of the pop-up and once you are satisfied with your search results, you can open the search in a new tab. You can even navigate through the pages by going back or forward using the buttons provided on the extension.


The user can even set the primary language for the search using the options tab on the extension. There are two default sizes, normal and wide, between which the pop-up window can be altered. The font size can also be changed from normal to large. There is also an option which allows you to view the days featured article once the window is opened.

While the Wikipedia Companion extension allows users to access the wiki without actually opening the page, another handy extension, the WikiPreview helps users after they have opened the Wikipedia page in a tab.

This extension allows users to view a preview the contents of the hyperlinked articles on a page. A single page on Wikipedia has so many hyperlinks that once you enter a page, you click on another hyperlink, then another and as this goes on you end up somewhere completely different from what you were searching for and find it difficult to navigate back to your original page. The WikiPreview helps you to keep track of where you are navigating to on the website and makes browsing easier.

Download Wikipedia Companion for Google Chrome.

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