Will Android Ice Cream Sandwich be the iOS 5 killer?

The battle between the iOS and Android is like that of Pele and Maradonna, there is no clear winner and both are awesome at their own place. However, with the holiday season about to begin and the two flagships coming from both Apple and Android in IOS 5 and Ice cream sandwich, the comparisons are inevitable. We have already seen snippets of both the operating system so here we analyse what could we expect from the two heavyweights and who would come on top?


There are many new improvements that we can expect both from Android as well as iOS 5, the much talked about the need for notification revamp has definitely been met with IOS 5 as it has adapted more of an Android style pull down menu for it. On the other hand Android has focused more on bringing the aesthetic beauty of honeycomb with the stability and user experience of gingerbread in Ice Cream Sandwich. Both the companies would definitely be integrating the cloud services. iCloud from Apple and music beta from Google are definitely the way forward for the storage system. Which would work out better would only be answered by time, however having used Google music beta at a very early stage of development, it left a good impression. It’s fast, snappy even though slightly laggy at times. It is bound to get better so it would be a very tough one to call.

Gestures could well be another big thing. We know Google has been integrating gestures with gesture search and various other apps, apple has been slightly slower in following the path but the rumored iPhone 5 does have a gesture pad and could well be the next big part of the IOS family. But you would have to think with Google’s experience with gestures, their integration might be slightly more rounded than what Apple may come up with but we have seen Apple take the cat out of the hat.

We are all obsessed with speeds so the processors on board definitely would be a defining factor. Android phones have already started going dual core and they work brilliantly, iPhone 5 most definitely would be a dual core phone but would it oust a more experienced Android who let’s face it are absolutely a speed demon right now and you would expect it to only get better with Ice-cream Sandwich.

So with all this in mind, we can be assured that the battle swards would once again be drawn but with all the previews and reviews out so far, don’t be surprised if Android reigns supreme this time. However, this is based on rumors and what may happen, with Apple because nothing is predictable, we might be laughing at this post once the final spec sheets are out. Till then though, it’s definitely advantage Android.

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