Will Google’s Unified Chat Service be called Hangouts?

We have been hearing rumors that Google is all set to launch a unified chat services across all their platforms. It is likely that Gmail would be at the heart of this service. There were rumors that Google could acquire Whatsapp seeing the high popularity and cross platform nature of the application, but these rumors were quashed pretty soon after they had originated. Since then, very little has been known about this unified chat service apart from the fact that Google initially wanted to name it Babel.

Google Unified Messenger

Screenshot via: The Verge Forums

However, a member who apparently has some know about in the internals of Google has written at the Verge Forums that the service would be called Hangouts instead. this does make some sense since just about everyone knows what Hangouts are from their time with Google Plus. he also added that icon will be very similar to the messenger application except it is green in color. The UI according to the same person will be Holo in nature like we have come to expect. Also worth noting is that the service will not unify text messages as expected.

The member goes on to tell that Gmail app is expected to get a major overhaul and will be Holofied. Another interesting bit to pick from the post is that Google Now will be getting location based reminders. Pretty interesting that.

Since all this information is from a Forum Post, we do urge all the readers to take it with a pinch of salt as all of it may not be true. Guess, we will get our definitive answers at the Google I/O in just about two weeks time.

Via: The Verge Forums

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