Will the Google Smartwatch Feature Touchpad Controls like the Glass?

Now that Google is all set to dictate the latest trend in eye wear, next in queue is the wrist watch. Yes, we are alluding to the smart watch that just about every major tech player in the world such as Apple, Samsung and not surprisingly Google are looking to bring to the market. Not too much is known about any of them and after a plethora of news about these, things have relatively been silent of the smart watch front. However, not for much longer.


According to the latest leaks about certain patents that Google has filed, it looks like the Google smart watch will be coming with a touch pad control very similar to the one found on Google Glass on the right hand frame of the device. There are also indications that the device will have a wireless radio signal which could point towards a Wi-Fi capability in the watch to take advantage of the LTE or 3G tethering on your smart phone.

The patent apparantly shows the sides of the watch being touch sensitive, very much in line with the design feature of the Google Glass. The wristband too is all touch sensitive for text entries and things like that. Although, it is not clear if the display in itself is touch sensitive or not.

We will be keeping a close eye on all the developments on Google’s smart watch. Are you excited about the same? Let us know in the section below.

Via: Android community

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