Will the next iPhone come in more than just Two Colors?

iPhone 5s would be the next iPhone if the early reports and past trends are to go by. However, like most incremental updates in iPhone for the past two generations, it is widely expected that the next iPhone will pack a superior internal while keeping the externals pretty much the same. However, there have also been reports that the home button on the next iPhone will double up as a Bio-Metric sensor. And that would be a first for Apple as they usually stick to the same body as the previous generation and keep any major update to hardware for the next iPhone rather than introduce it in incremental update.

iPhone 5s parts

However, according to BGR, and some of the parts they have obtained  looks like not just a more powerful but also a more colorful iPhone could be on the way. This is primarily speculated from the SIM tray of what is reported to be the next iPhone which was spotted in two very unusual colors. Although, it was difficult to envisage that Apple would develop a budget iPhone to gain traction into developing markets, it is not beyond imagination that Apple would bring more colors to the iPhone. Especially seeing how the iPods have always been available in different colors.

It would definitely be interesting to check out a red iPhone or a blue one right from Apple, because so far you had to use a third party service to get an iPhone in different color and that voided the warranty. What are your opinions on this rumor? Would you like an iPhone in colors other than black and white? Let us know in the section below.

Via: BGR

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