Will The Next iPod Nano Come With A Charging Clip?

We have had a fair few companies that have experimented with their methods of charging a device. We initially had a mini USB which was soon replaced by a smaller micro USB port. Apple has always had its own proprietorial yet common to all charging point. We have the Galaxy S III that allows charging through a wireless stone. This was all we thought could happen but seems like Apple is all set to change the game again.

From the pictures you can see Apple have filed the patent back in January of 2011 which shows the new version of iPod being charged in a weird manner. We say it weird because the charging seem to be possible through the clip. It is no more the standard dock that Apple uses at least on the device. How exactly this works is best described by Sean P. Aune of Technobuffalo here:

“The system would have seen you placing an adapter on an iPod charging dock that the iPod nano would have sat on.  The clip would open up and make contact with the charging surfaces, meaning that the 30-pin connector could be removed from the body of the device all together.”

This may not be the final thing yet, as there seem to be more reports that the new iPod would have a longer body while the click wheel is all set to return so whether this patent is incorporated is very much in the air. However, we do feel it is an extremely innovative idea to go about the charging of device. We still remember the iPod Shuffle which could be charged through the headphone jack using the USB output, but it was not very popular which is why the generation of iPod was not too successful.

What are your your views on such new methods of charging devices? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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