Windows 10 Prices Revealed

Microsoft has been pretty vocal about its plans of putting all the eggs in one basket as far as Windows 10 is concerned. They are planning to bring all the devices running Windows under one roof with Windows 10 and, therefore a lot is being anticipated about the details of the release. A lot of waves were made in the tech world when Microsoft announced that for everyone who is running Windows 7 and 8/8.1 would get free upgrades to Windows 10. Not just this, that people who are running pirated versions of the aforementioned Windows will be able to upgrade, although that would not make their Windows Registry key genuine.

Windows 10 FAQs

Interestingly, if you are outside the one-year period of free upgrade or simply on a Windows that will not receive the upgrade, for example on the likes of Windows XP, then you would have to pay for Windows 10 upgrade. The Windows 10 upgrade will start hitting the computers from July 29th onwards and you can go ahead and reserve your spot for the same. If you miss the upgrade, you will be required to pay $110 for the Windows 10 Home Package and $199 for the Windows 10 Pro Edition. If you are running the Home Edition and would like to upgrade to the Pro version, you will have to spend an extra $99 on it.

You can check out more information about the upgrade in the uploaded FAQ section on the Windows 10 website right here.

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