Windows 8 Beta Rolling Out in January?

After a series of rumors floating in the market that windows 8 beta will be hitting the floors in February, new rumors suggest that Microsoft is planning a demo at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 and the beta version of Windows 8 will be coming out in late January. Microsoft will also preview its next generation office suite 15 at CES.

The developer version of Windows 8 which was made available a few months ago had 500000 downloads in 24 hours. Since the preview of windows 8 a lot of developers have shown interest in Microsoft’s latest kit.

The beta version of Windows 8 will allow the users to change the start screen color and start screen background image. It will also allow users to create, name and re-arrange start screen groups and navigate with the windows 8 apps easily. Apart from this, Microsoft will also group applications and with Windows 8 beta users will find Windows media centre which didn’t worked out well with previous version of windows. With the developer edition gathering so much of hype, the beta version will set the floor on fire.
Although windows 8 will be coming around fall 2012, the tablet version is expected to be out as early as summer 2012. Microsoft will also be adding support for ARM processors which currently are popular on smartphones and tablets. Not only are the consumers, manufacturers also eagerly waiting to get their hands on windows 8. Companies like HP, Dell, ASUS and Nokia are planning to launch tablets running windows 8.
A significant amount of changes from the developers preview will be found on Windows 8 beta version. Would you like to download the Beta version?

[via Winrumors].

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