Windows 8 Boots up in 8 Seconds Only

Microsoft’s latest kid i.e. Windows 8 is all over the place. Ever since the news of Microsoft working on Windows 8 we have been hearing a lot of rumors on the new set of features. Microsoft has already shown us what a USB 3.0 can do, and its touch interface for all devices. The latest post from MSDN’s Building Windows 8 blog shows us the reduced boot time of Windows 8 a compared to Windows7. Actually, the boot up time is reduced to a mere 8 seconds which is achieved via a hybrid of traditional boot up and hibernate. So if you think that Apple’s Mac boot up in flash and Windows is no match to their boot speed, think again or I’d say watch this video.


Here’s the logic behind it, When we shutdown our system we close both the user session and the kernel session. Windows 8 creates a back up of kernel session and saves it on the disk. Since this file is small it doesn’t take much time to be written on the disk. This reduces the amount of memory used as compared to the case of Hibernation in which a significant amount of memory is used. This technique makes sure that the hibernation file is read quickly and drivers are initialized in a flash, hence reducing the boot time.

This is what Gabe Aul, a director of program management in Windows had to say about the new fast booting system:

Our challenge then, was to design a way to meet all of these desires on today’s PCs without requiring some special new hardware. These were our goals:

1. Effectively zero watt power draw when off

2. A fresh session after boot

3. Very fast times between pressing the power button and being able to use the PC.


It seems as Microsoft is working very hard to make sure that Windows 8 has everything that a user wants and it looks like they pretty much know what users demand. Will this entire hard work payoff? Check out the entire boot process demo by Microsoft’s engineer.

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