Windows 8 Leaked Screenshot: Modern Windows Task Manager

The upcoming version of Windows (Windows 8) is coming with “Advanced Task Manager” feature. It’ll be a combination of Microsoft’s Task Manager interface and Resource Monitor. With this modern task manager, users will get a detailed view of running processes, services and they can also use it to tackle unresponsive applications.

Here’s the screenshot of Advanced Task Manager which shows  CPU load, memory, network and disk load in a graphical manner.


The screenshot of Modern Windows Task Manager contains three tabs namely Programs, Startups and Users. Program tab shows all the Windows System-Critical programs, background Programs, and running applications.


[via Windows 8 News and Winrumors].

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  1. I am really excited for this platform, really a remarkable window, somehow much better than windows 7. Really the snapshots are amazing, I can’t wait now for this. :/

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