Windows 8 OS Got 500,000 downloads in 24 Hours of its Release

Windows 8 developer edition has been downloaded 500,000 times in 24 hours of its launch. At this point Windows 8 seems to be a hot property. It is attracting a lot of users and developers and it seems that this version could well the success which Microsoft is looking for since the launch of Windows XP.

Windows 8 uses the Metro UI which I think is best suited for Tablet PC’s but one can say that there won’t be any harm on using it on your PC too. Looks like Windows users will finally have a new UI to play with. Windows 8 maximizes your pc performance and is pretty interactive.

Windows 8 also features Xbox live. This is a huge bonus in addition to a new OS. Developers are already in love and I have never seen such excitement for a Microsoft product till now. When Apple’s OS X Lion was released in July, 1 Million people downloaded it on the very first day but that was a perfectly working copy of a Mac OS. In this case, Windows 8’s copy is not even a beta version. This is an alpha version and must be having a lot of bugs. Keeping this is mind it could well be said that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is going to do wonders in the coming year.

Windows 8 might take some time to hit your pc but the Tablet market may see a Windows 8 tablet as early as Q1 2012. Microsoft is pretty ambitious with the tablets and I think they are perfect and soon your dreams of running applications like Photoshop on your Tablets will come true.

Do tell us have you downloaded Windows 8 developer preview?

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