Windows Phone 7 Applications that you must check out

I recently got my hands on a Nokia Lumia and needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with the device. Yes it is butter smooth and boasts a great hardware but what impressed me the most for the first time was not the hardware. It was indeed the software. Yes, it happens rarely that you come across an OS that works as well as Windows Mango does. It is excellently well integrated with the lush hardware of Nokia and I found the best of both worlds of iOS and Android residing in it. Yes, the two of them are still the market leaders and some way ahead for being the best eating systems on a smart phone but one can definitely see the enormous potential that the windows phone 7 carries. It definitely packs a very powerful punch, and dare I say, it may well be my oPerating system of choice.

One thing lots of people say is the lack of applications on the windows platform, but I beg to differ, I could pretty much find all the essential applications that I was using on my Android smartphone, if not an equivalent in the marketplace. Yes, the choice is limited, but what is available works great, and there is no junk like that on the Android Market Place. The following are the applications that I would recommend getting for your Windows Phone 7.

1) Facebook: Yes, we find life difficult without our favourite social network set. The Facebook application is the native of Microsoft and different to any we have seen so far. It works brilliantly, even though there are a few glaring misses like the lack of desktop like notifications tabs, however that can all be worked around pretty easily.

2) YouTube: Surprisingly, the Lumia I used did not come with a YouTube client built in, but you can download it from the market. Again , it is well customised according to the look of the WP7. Needless to say, it plays videos of your choice really well.

3) AutoPanorama: The camera on Lumia is brilliant, but it does lack the panorama mode. This application let’s you shoot Panorama for free. The only problem is a lack of guide as to till what point did you take your last picture, but it is really smooth and works exceptionally fast the application.

4) AppFlow App Discovery: We all know that Windows Phone 7 is a rather new operating system and new applications are launched just about everyday for it. As a result it is tough to keep a track of all the new apps , but app flow does that for you. You can see what’s new and selling best in the market place.

5) Evernote: Evernote let’s you sync the notes you take on your device to the cloud and use them on your desktop. If you had Evernote on your Android or iOS device then of can use the same I’d and import all your notes easily.

6) Blind Shot: Blind shot lets you take secret photos without letting the whole screen show that you are taking a picture. Highly customisable application, but it only lacks because the shutter sound cannot be shut down.

7) Endomondo Sports Traker: For all the runners and fitness freaks, Endomondo is a great application to keep track of how much distance you have covered by running and in how much time. It also integrates your music player hence letting you play the music while you work out.

8.) Flashlight-x: Flashlight-x is a brilliant application that uses the LED flash behind your device and doubles it as a torch light. Now, you don’t ever have o be scared of the dark with your windows phone with you.

9) FotoChop: FotoChop let’s you add cool effects to your already taken pictures from the device. It has limited options, but works brilliantly and am sure some more would be added.

10) Gchat: Gchat is a client that lets you use Google talk on the move. It is a very basic client without much hassles. It does, just what is needed.

11) gMaps: gMaps is basically Google maps for your Windows device. If you are not satisfied with Nokia maps which I cannot see why you would not be, this is a great alternative. It is the same client as used on the Android devices. There is a paid as well as a free but Ad- enabled version available.

12) iLOL’d: it is a real fun and time pass application that can certainly turn a poor day and give you something to smile about.

13) IMDb: IMDb is the standard client for IMDB. It has the same Windows 7 look like the native applications and works brilliantly. You can catch all the latest from the world of Hollywood and read about the movies you have missed here.

14) Insider: Insider is a fun application that tells you what’s new with Microsofts OS. But the best part is the free wallpapers that you get everyday. You can also download various ringtones from here. A very handy application to have.

15) InstantReddit: It is a very basic client for all the reddit users. Nothing too fancy here. You can log into your account and see your subscribed reddits.

16)Live Cricket: Live Cricket brings you the latest scores from the world of cricket. If you are a cricket addict then this is a great application to keep a trak of your favourite cricket teams performance.

17) Oinc: Oinc let’s you convert currencies on your Windows phone 7 device. It does not have too many customisations and a rather basic client. But it works fairly well.

18) Lyrics Now: Our smartphones have become extremely media centric of late and Lyrics now lets you look at the lyrics of the songs that you are listening to on your device live. This worked well for English songs but no such luck with Hindi songs.

19) Pulse: Pulse is a good news client that lets you follow the RSS feed of various sites. Pulse is very famous over Android and iOS and it does not disappoint on WP 7 platform either.

20) Seesmic: Seesmic brings all your social networking accounts from Facebook and Twitter at one place.

21) Stop Music: It is a very useful application as it can after the specified period switch your music off. It is especially handy if you use your device as a song bank while going o sleep. You do not have to worry about getting up in the morning and finding your device switched off because you forgot to turn the music off.

22) Simple Dropbox Viewer: It lets you view all your files in your Dropbox account. The only drawback is you cannot upload new content from your device. But hopefully there would be a better application for that soon.

23) Tango Video Calls: It lets you place video calls from your device to someone who has a tango account. It primarily uses the front facing camera of your device but if your hand set lacks one, you can also use the back camera.

24) Translator: It is a basic translator that can translate five basic languages including French, German and Spanish to English or vice versa. There are other more comprehensive translators available, but this one definitely seemed to be theist accurate and quickest.

25) YouTube pro: YouTube Pro lets you download various YouTube videos to your device from the videos of the site. There is a paid version also available that is Ad free.

I hope these applications were helpful to you. If you have any other application you would like to tell us. Do let us know.

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