Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshots Leaked: Shows Notification Center

Windows Phone has gradually gotten better. WP 8 overcame some of the glaring misses of WP 7, and looks like the increment is going to continue as the screenshots of WP 8.1 appear online. Windows Phone still has a fair amount of distance to travel as far as catching up with iOS and Android is concerned. However, Microsoft has taken steps in the right directions, only you may think a little too slowly. Windows Phone 8.1 is set to be the latest update for those running WP 8.

Windows Phone 8.1

If these leaked screenshots are anything to go by, then Windows Phone 8.1 would bring with it a notification center which looks very similar to the notification panel in iOS and Android. The picture which was uncovered by the staff of The Verge from Reddit shows an early May build of Windows Phone 8.1.

The device from which these screenshots are taken is a Lumia 920 and the software running on the device has been identified at 12084.WPMAIN (wpbldlab).20130509-1407. The screenshot also reveals that the Calendar app has undergone some changes as well as changes in how WP handles multitasking. Windows Phone 8.1 is set to allow the users to close more than one app at a time.

How genuine these leaks are is anybody’s guess but it is being argued that Microsoft including early builds of their next updates on devices of developers is not beyond the realms of imagination, so it may well be the real thing.

Via: Reddit, The Verge

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