Windows Phone 8.1 Update to bring a Siri Like Assistant Called Cortana

Windows Phone 8.1 update is set to hit this Spring at Microsoft’s BUILD Conference if Microsoft’s promises are to go by. This is a major update for the users of Windows Phone as it promises to bring several much requested features. Windows Phone 8.1 would bring the likes of a dedicated Notification center, ability to add a dedicated wallpaper to the start screen and support for onscreen navigation keys. These are the features that have been available on Android for ages, but Windows Phone has lacked them no wonder it is having a tough time packing numbers in despite a resurgence in the last year.


However, another feature that both Android and iOS have had for about an year or more is set to hit the shores of Windows Phone. A Voice Assistant. It would be called Cortana and will function the way you have perhaps already experienced Google Now or Siri work. The VA will replace the traditional Bing Search with a new friend who will learn from your usage patterns by storing information like Location history etc in form of Notebooks.

Not just this Cortana will also call you with your nickname or anything else you might want and also inform you when you have a flight to board and status. C0rtana will depend upon Bing for it’s contextual data and you can turn the feature off if you feel like using just traditional Bing Search. You can watch the VA in action in a videos released by Unleashthephones below:

Via: Yash Maheshwari

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