Windows Phone 8 Concepts To Fix Glaring Shortcomings

Windows Phone 8 is the third best player when it comes to mobile market. They are fairly unchallenged and can be assured of their place even if they do nothing more. Blackberry was a threat before the launch of BB10 but seems like it has fizzed out now given the aggressive pricing route that BB have gone. But still, despite loving the simplistic menu layout of WP 8 and metro UI there are some glaring shortcomings in WP 8 that Microsoft surely must think hard about overcoming.

So fitting these glaring missing features, here are some concepts of Windows Phone 8 that if added may complete or at least close to complete what is potentially a very good platform.

1) File Manager: Windows Phone 8 device does not come with a File Manager, so adding a File Manager so that users can browse through their Files could be a massive step. Just like swipping from right to left opens the app drawer, if only Microsoft could add a file manager which can be easily accessed by swipping from left to right. Sound pretty doable right?

Windows Phone Concepts

2) Notification Center: Android and iOS have pretty good Notification center which house all our unread or unattended notifications. Android more so than iOS, but having a Notification center should be the next priority for Microsoft. The people’s app/tile is one of the highlight feature and if they could somehow find a place for notification center in that or separately, then it could be great news for WP 8 fans. Or how about simply launching the notification center by long pressing the Windows button?

Windows Phone Concept_2

3) Orientation Lock: Orientation Locking is pretty simple in iOS with the help of mute button that can double up, even in Android you can simply add a widget or have power toggles, but in Windows Phone devices there is no way to lock the orientation. This gets very irritating especially if you are reading on the bed and change postures. How about adding an orientation lock right next to the ring icon when when press the volume rocker?

Windows Phone Concept_3

4) Volume Mixing: Volume mixing is another glaring miss in Windows Phone 8 device. So how about doing the Android method and a simple swipe to the left or right on the top of the status bar to control the Media output of the device? That should simplify things a lot.

Windows Phone_4

So these were some of the amazing concepts of Windows Phone 8 to make the experience whole lot better. What do you think about them? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: MNB

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