Windows Phone 8 Powered Nokia Lumia 920 Announced

Nokia just announced its flagship product Nokia Lumia 920 in Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event. This phone is packed with plenty of new features. The main highlight of this phone is its design, wireless charging, Windows phone 8 OS, Pureview camera technology, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and many more.

Image credit @evaleaks

Jo Harlow, executive vice president at Nokia displayed the very new Lumia 920 and termed it as most innovative smartphone in the World.

She talked about pure view technology which is found in famous Nokia 808 41 megapixel phone. By pure view technology, one an take better picture in low light also. This phone comes with  floating lens technology which helps in shooting better pictures.

The phone features offline maps and augmented reality based map system , which tells you the Restaurants, bars, movie theater in a location when you hold the phone near that street. truly amazing.

This phone comes with Snapdragon dual core processor which is faster than quad core processor and also more energy efficient. Also wireless charging adds more value to this phone.

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