Windows Phone 8 SDK Now Available To Download

Windows Phone 8 officially is only two days old. We have had a multiple launch of the mobile Operating System.  But it was only untill two days ago that the OS was finally rolled out as official. There were plenty of new features announced which were not really told to us about. The one feature that really amazed a lot of us was the ability to segregate the applications in to a kids corner so kids do not venture into everything on our phones. Rooms is also a very interesting add on, and so is the live home screen which has apps integration. Data Sense is yet another add on that let’s you get much more from your data plan by conserving data where it can.

However, despite plenty of these amazing features the problem area with Windows Phone 8 has been the lack of SDK’s. SDK stands for Special Development kit which basically provide the required tools to the developers to make applications for the OS. Windows Phone currently supports about 120,000 applications on it’s marketplace. This may seem like a real huge number but when relatively compared with Android and iOS this number is fairly small. Also, the simple fact that most of the applications on the Microsoft store are paid as compared to iOS and Android where there are plenty of free application goes against popularizing the Windows Phone App Store. However, finally the SDK’s have been made available starting the moment the official announcement ended. We indeed are really looking forward to Windows Phone 8, especially a mammoth device like HTC 8X. It has great looks and a capable OS now with the help of developers can only help take the whole Windows Phone experience to the next level.

For the developers who are interested in getting the SDK, they may check the link out here.

Via: RedmondPie

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