Windows Phone Gets an Official Youtube Application

Being a distinctive third biggest player in terms of market share behind iOS and Android, Windows Phone has not always attracted the developers to release their applications for it. But the reason for the long absence of Youtube from the Windows Phone was down to a long standing tiff between Microsoft and Google regarding release of some Metadata, but things have changed. Youtube must be one of the most used apps on Android and iOS and it not being available on WP was just not right.

Youtube on Windows Phone

However, no more would you be taken to the mobile version of Youtube every time you used the application on WP as an official application has now been released. The app is gradually being updated with a Windows Phone like format. You can view videos via the official app, and also pin the videos, playlists or even users to the main home screen for quick access.

If you do not like the official update from Microsoft you can still use third party apps such as MetroTube which work really well. The app does support the Kid’s corner so you can simply add it in there in case you do not want anyone to log in to your device just for watching videos. A thoughtful add on indeed.

To get the latest update, all you need to do is update the application from the store when the notification arrives.

Via: The Verge

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