Windows Run History Editor Lets You View And Delete Run Box History

Run box is a handy Windows tool that lets you open many programs and functions in Windows. Do you know that Windows saves information entered by you in a run box? Yes, it saves it in registry. For average computer user, it is difficult to go to particular registry key to view the run box entries. You can use a third party tool known as Windows Run History Editor for this purpose. It lets you view last 26 entries on a nice looking interface. You can delete entries if you want.

Note: If you don’t have idea about run box, here’s a small description for it: To open run box, just hold down the Windows key and press R key. A small box will appear in which you can type any command to open any app. For example you can type cmd to open command prompt, type calc to open calculator or type notepad to open the notepad.


To use this tool, first you have to download it. Now extract the zip file and double click on the WindowsRunHistoryEditor.exe to run the tool. Given below is the screenshot which you’ll get after opening the program. You can see the four commands I entered into the run box.


On the interface you can see several boxes in which commands are written. You can remove any entry from any box you want. After removing click on the Save button to remove the entry permanently. Also you can clear all the entries on a single go by clicking on the Clear all data button. Reload button reloads any entry which you remove from a box mistakenly.

This tool works well in Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit computer. Also it requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run.

Download Windows Run History Editor  [via Ghacks via tothePC]

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