WinMend: Hide and Unhide Folders Easily in Windows 7

There are many apps out there on the internet that allow for securely hiding certain folders that you would not want others to see on your computer. WinMend is Windows application that has an ability to hide and unhide folders with ease and securely.


To get started with WinMend, download the file from the link below. then install the app. Run the application and a window will pop up that will prompt you to set a password for your usage. Every time you open this application, you will have to enter the password to start using it. So better not forget the password for this or else the file that you have hidden using this app will remain hidden and even you will not be able to access it(unless you uninstall the software). So once you set the password, you will see the main window of the WinMend app.


To hide a folder or a file, click on Hide Folder/File. Locate the file or folder from your computer and click OK. Then that file will be hidden from from anybody who uses your computer. Even the default Windows Unhide option will not be able to display the file or folder that you have hidden using this app. To unhide the folder or file, open the WinMend app, select the file/folder from the list and click Unhide. This will unhide the folder/file and it can be viewed in the explorer.

The only downside that this app has is that you can easily uninstall the app and the Hide function will be removed. So, even though accessing the file/folder is not possible without the password for WinMend, you can simply uninstall the app and the settings will be restored. Maybe there will be a solution to this in later versions of the app. But for now, this app is quite handy with its neat and easy-to-use interface.

Download WinMend.

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  1. Its very psycho software. I don’t know how it declare my password wrong so I cant get my hidden file back .

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