WirelessKeyView: Know all the Wireless Network Passwords Stored in PC

You might not know the face that Windows stores all the Wi-Fi Network password at a particular location. In Windows 7 the location is C –> ProgramData –> Microsoft –> Wlansvc –> Profiles –> Interfaces. Here you’ll get all the stored password data in XML format. When you open any file, it displays the password in hexadecimal form. You have to convert that hexadecimal characters into ASCII characters to reveal the password.

Now the above mentioned steps are full of hassle. If you want to get all the Wi-Fi network passwords in one step then download a freeware called WirelessKeyView. Go to developer’s website and download the software in zip format. Extract the software and double click on the WirelessKeyView.exe icon.


The software reveals all the WEP, WPA, WPA2 keys stored on your computer. You can also delete the old network keys which are not in use. Also the tool provides facility to create an HTML report of all the keys in one click.

Overall, this is a great tool to check the hidden network password. Also you can give surprise to your friends who prefer entering Wi-Fi network password by own when you ask for the password. Smile

Download WirelessKeyView.

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