Wizz Widget For Android Is A Large Collection Of Widgets For Android

Widgets are one of the biggest attraction of Android. Widgets basically are small applications that sit on the desktop of your Android smart phone or tablet and continuously update to show you information easily. even though at times it has been widely suggested that widgets eat away precious battery, they add to the overall beauty of Android and some widgets especially like the Gmail, Twitter etc can be really handy to quickly glance through without having to open the entire application. But finding these right widgets can be such a problem. Would it not be so much easier if there was one set of widgets that you can download with a single click and it would be enough for your to display all the information on your Android smart phone or Tablet?


Wizz for Android is the best collection of widgets which basically has about about 15 widgets that lets you view all your social media information in the form of re sizable widgets. Some of the widgets that are included in Wizz are as follows:

  •  Facebook Widget
  •  Facebook Stack Widget
  •  Twitter Widget
  •  Twitter Stack Widget
  •  Message Widget
  •  Message Stack Widget
  •  Agenda Widget
  •  Agenda Stack Widget
  •  Month Calendar Widget
  •  Calendar Widget
  •  Google Reader Widget
  •  Google Reader Stack Widget
  •  TimeLine Widget(Facebook & Twitter)
  •  Contact Widget

The widgets are neat and if you are running ICS or above all of them can be resized according to the content you wish to view. You can also change the refresh time of each widget in case you would like to preserve some battery of your device. The widgets also have various themes such as ICS theme which perfectly compliments if you have stock Android running on your device. The widgets did not cause any sort of unnecessary wake ups in the CPU of the device and there were no issues of force close either. Scrolling is smooth and ability to customize things according to your needs only makes Wizz a must have set of widgets on your device.

These widgets are available for free in the Play Store.

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