Wordle: Create Good Looking Designs Using Words

Wordle is website that allows users to create designs using specified words and arrange them in attractive looking patterns. Visual aids can really help to understand complex problems and Wordle is just the app you will need for that. It generates word clouds from the text you enter which can help make sense of information which otherwise would be quite difficult to understand. Or if you’re not looking for anything serious, then you can just visit the website for fun and try your hand at some creativity.


The main page contains all the information you will need to understand how to use the tool. You will see the options on the top of the page from where you can create word clouds, view galleries, get the latest news, view information about the creators of the tool etc.

wordle text

Now to create your own word clouds, go to Create. You will then be asked to input the text using which you want to create your word clouds. Simply enter the text that you want or you can even enter the url of any blog or any webpage that has an atom or RSS feed or you can even enter your delicious username to see their tags. Once this is done, click go or Submit. Then Wordle will create a simple word cloud for you which you can later edit by changing the layout, font, backgrounds etc.


Check out Wordle.

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