WordPress 3.3 Update: Better Responsiveness, Neater interface

WordPress has released a new version of their popular tool dubbed “Sonny” after Jazz Saxophonist Sonny Stitt. Worpress 3.3 boasts of a neater,cleaner interface,less flash, better responsiveness and a host of many other features that allows for adaptation of WordPress admin to smaller screens.

To get the latest version, head over to the WordPress website to download the latest version or you can simply update the one you are using through the dashboard.

The new WordPress comes built in with a load of new and improved features to help create a more productive experience for users. Experienced users will appreciate the new drag and drop feature for uploading images, hover menus for easy navigation, a new toolbar and a Tumblr importer. This time, WordPress has concentrated on how they can improve the experience for new users and have added simple things like pointer tips and a welcome message for all those new users.

The new image uploader is easy to use and has impressed well with its drag and drop support for all kinds of media files.

What impressed us about the new look of WordPress is the slicker and cleaner interface lift that they have given. Hover over menus to view their contents sliding out making almost all features of this tool just a single click away.

WordPress is continuously striving to make the experience of the user easier and more interactive and this update is one step forward in that direction.

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