WordPress for Android Receives Material Design in the Latest Update

Blogging from Android phones and tablets is going to be a little more fun than it was now, that the WordPress application has finally received the much-awaited update with the Material Design. The update sees major UI overhaul in the application which blends in beautifully with the entire Android 5.0 Lollipop update that is beginning to hit the devices now.

Material Design WP

WordPress was recently updated for the desktop too and includes some really useful features especially for the insertion of Media into post. The same feature has also been added to the application for easy resizing of the images on WordPress. This would really be handy for the app as it is next to almost impossible to have the image of the exact right size when working on a limited screen space. The application includes obvious bug fixes. There is also a new grid layout for media files for the tablet version of the application as well as the ability to mention an author/ writer of the blog in the comments section.

The update is available directly in the form of an OTA so you can connect to the internet and update the app, and inc ase you do nothave WordPress, you can download the same from the Google Play Store right here.

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