Would the EOS Nokia Lumia Device be called Nokia Lumia 1020?

It is the worst kept secret of the world that Nokia is preparing an EOS Lumia device which is largely being bid as the perfect successor of the mobile camera wonder that Nokia 808 PureView was. We have seen plenty of leaks and plenty of images of the device already. We have seen the sensor in action and had decent dibs on the build quality of the device, but one thing that has always been missing is the name of the device. Every article on the internet has referred the device to be as an EOS Nokia device.


However, the recent claims in the press are that the device is set to be christened as the Lumia 1020. The source of the news comes form the famous Twitter source @Evleaks which tweeted on the 25th that the device would indeed be the Lumia 1020. This does indicate that the device will go and be the flagship of Windows Phone device and perhaps the EOS device in future will have four digits instead of the other Lumia devices which have had three digits such as Lumia 920 or 820 and so forth.

The device is expected to be unveiled on the July 11th as the company has already sent out invitations stating that there are ’41 Million Reasons’. Pretty sure, the 41 figure here is the MegaPixel count of the Camera on the device. Whatever it is, we cannot wait for a Windows Phone device running a ginormous camera like the one on 808 Pureview.

Via: Technobuffalo

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