WWDC 2011: Technologies to be Announced on 6th June

One conference that is most eagerly awaited by every technology enthusiast is the Apple’s World Wide developer’s conference and this year the conference is scheduled to start from Monday June 6th, 2011. An interesting development though Is that Apple has released information on what we can expect from the WWDC this year, so here is in brief of what we know about it.


There will be three main announcements made in the conference.

1) The launch of OS X Lion for Mac, about which a lot has been written and known.

2) The launch of iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It would be extremely interesting to see what additional features would the new iOS carry. A lot of leaks over various sites on the internet have shown that a widget system and a renewed notification system is on the cards. We also expect some sort of Twitter integration in the new iOS and some sort of file handling and management on board. It is wait and watch as far as we are concerned!

3) The launch of iCloud. It is extremely clear that cloud computing is the future of computers and with Amazon recently launching their cloud services and Google showing it off too in Google I/O, iCloud was one service Apple has been taking extremely seriously! iCloud has generated a lot of interest in media of late especially with claims that Apple has already signed up contracts with 4 major music records.

However a major disappointment could well be on the cards for those awaiting the new iPhone 5. There was absolutely no announcement made by the company on the launch for it and with recent disasters in Japan it is widely rumored that Apple would look to break from their yearly chain of iPhone launches and we would not see the new one till at least September. Another of wait and watch scenario cause Steve Jobs just may well surprise us all, and sure, we all love surprises.

What do you expect from the WWDC? Do let us know.

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