WWDC Recap: All the Major Announcements at Apple’s Annual Developer’s Conference

Like Apple or hate them, one thing you sure cannot is ignore them. And WWDC event at San Francisco was no different. Arguably, this was the most important WWDC held in years because Apple had to answer the questions posed by both Android and Windows in the phone and desktop market respectively. So, what happened at the conference and what were the major announcements, did we see the new Mac laptops, or a new iOS 7 or even new music streaming service? Let’s recap WWDC 2013.


Numbers, Numbers and few more Numbers

ioS 7_TC

Every time someone from Apple takes the stage you can be guaranteed a huge set of numbers. And this was no different. After a brilliant opening montage, Tim Cook took no time in announcing that WWDC this year has been bigger than ever with people from over 60 countries in the audience. He also alluded to the fact that WWDC was the longest of the running developer conferences as the 24th edition of WWDC rolled on. There were details about the new Apple Store in Germany and updates on the App Store numbers. It was a matter of great pride for Apple that over 50 Billion apps have been downloaded and over 900,000 apps are available on the App STore. Over 10 Billion US Dollars have been paid to developers, which showed how committed Apple remains to the dev community.

Refreshed Mac Lines


Apple introduced brand new Macbook Airs 11 and 13 inches. These devices although have no design changes from the current line, but promise a much longer battery life. The battery life on the 11 inch Air is around 9 hours while the 13 inch one will last you a good 12 hours. It would be interesting to put these claims to test. The new Macbook Airs are powered by the Haswell CPU’s and would be available starting today.

There was also sneak peak into a refreshed Mac Pro which pretty much stole the show, yes, even ahead of the iOS 7. The new Mac Pro has an incredible design and looks right a thing from outer space. It would be available starting this fall and is powered by 12 Core Intel Xeon E5 CPU.



Apple also introduced an all new OS for their Macs in the form of OSX Mavericks  Mavericks brings with it a redesigned Finder app with tabs, ability to add tags to any document as well as true Multiple Display support where you can independently control the external display. The new OSX also promises better battery management and hence a better battery life for your Mac. There was also a newly redesigned Calendar app for Mac as well as Maps. The notification center gets an update so you can now reply to a notification right from the popup. These notifications will be visible right from the lockscreen and the app updates will take place in background without you having to initiate. Another feature that really caught our eyes was the iCloud Keychains which basically is a very well done password keeper for your Mac. Safari also was updated with ability to read articles continuously in your reading list without having to click the links and a cleaner start page. Overall, plenty of new awesome features to what was already pretty much the best OS for PC’s. Mavericks will be available for users starting this fall.

iCloud Can Do So Much More


iCloud is the most popular Cloud storage service out there and it got a whole lot better. Now iCloud is integrated with Pages, Keynotes and Numbers. this allows you to edit your presentations or documents right from the browser of the PC instead of having to open the application physically. iClou allows the user to now run iWorks even on a Windows PC within the browser.

iOS 7 is Finally Here

iOS 7

The star of the show without any doubt though, was the latest iOS as Apple announced the iOS 7. Time Cook announced the iOS 7 to be the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone and he was not wrong. The iOS 7 looked stunning to the eye and pretty much bough the best of the mobile world to the table. The OS is designed from the ground up and has the fingerprints of Design Guru Jonathan Ive all over it. So what all is new in iOS 7, let’s quickly list them down.

  • iOS 7 has an all new set of icons. These icons are flatter in nature and mimic real looks, but some of the icons such as the Safari icon or even the Mail icon for that matter look s little cartoonish. It is worth remembering though that iOS 7 is still in Beta though so maybe things would be a lot different when the final release is ready.
  • iOS 7 brings with it Control Center which basically allows the users to quickly toggle settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or slide Brightness quickly. A swipe up gesture brings the Control Center from any screen you are in. Control Center also has other useful things such as a flash light and space to add your favorite apps.
  • Folders now support unlimited applications in iOS 7 and you can add more than the limit of 16 apps. These apps are added to new pages within the folder as more and more apps are added.
  • The messaging and mailing applications have been updated too and you now can peek your entire inbox by a simple swipe to right gesture. The conversation screen too has a new colour scheme and a neater look.
  • The keyboard looks a little different too and has a more translucent background to it, allowing users to see the underlying documents.
  • Apple announced Air Drop for iOS 7 which allows the users to transfer files and documents via Wi-Fi using P2P to a fellow iOS device. This pretty much makes sharing of images very easy across iOS devices.
  • There is also a brand new weather application on iOS 7 which has a very neat UI. The app also mimics real life like conditions such as thunder or showers on screen and gives information such as weather forecast etc.
  • The lock screen is also redesigned on iOS 7 and the fonts look a lot bigger and the slide to unlock border has gone giving it a cleaner look.
  • All the apps have an edge to edge display making sure every single pixel on the device is being used and you do not see those annoying black bars at the edge of the screen.
  • iOS 7 also brings a redesigned Safari app which takes cues from the desktop Safari App. It now allows you a full screen mode, and the reading list can be scrolled through without having to click to the next article. Tab browsing has also been changed and the tabs look a lot neater and dare we say pretty.
  • Multitasking on iOS 7 is truer than ever before and also has a brand new interface. The card like UI of multitasking is very similar to the ones seen on WebOS or more recently on Windows Phone.
  • The Camera and Photos application have been redesigned for iOS 7 as well. Now you have filters in built into the camera app so you can easily apply effects on your images. You can also share these images straight away thanks to Air Drop. The photos app also categorizes your pictures based on periods such as years. Not just this, but you can also create shared photo streams allowing your friends to add images to your photo stream.
  • The Music App received a massive update too with a new Now Playing Screen. You can also tilt your device in landscape mode to see all the albums on your device and select one to play. Apple also announced iTune Radio which is the music streaming service everyone was talking about. It allows you to play stations and discover music, you can also purchase music straight from within the application. It also keeps a track of all the music you have heard making sure it knows your taste just right.
  • Not just this, other services such as Call over Facetime, Notification Sync, Activation Lock and Blocking person on iMessage and Mail were also announced by Apple for iOS 7.

iOS 7 will be available starting this fall on iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and later and iPod Touch 5th generation and above. Although, iOS 7 does look a treat to the eyes, you have to wait and watch how things pan out in reality when the update hits the device. Just like any tech enthusiasts, we cannot wait to try it out.

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(Image Credites: Techcrunch, Cult of Mac)


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